Zombies at work

Once I was known as “The Poster Guy” I was asked to do some fun posters in the employee areas of the store I worked in. The posters were meant to excite and engage the employees about the programs and company philosophies. Each poster I did had a different theme and featured actual store employees. Once the employees saw some of my work, more and more of them wanted to participate in my next great idea.

I would start with a rough idea of what I wanted the finished product to look like and then I would have the employees pose for me. Using my digital camera I would get high resolution images to work with and have fun with.

After doing a fun “fun” and “silly” posters I wanted to try something different. This was around the time zombies were all the rage (and they still are). I used the movie poster for Zombieland was my inspiration. I then made my own custom neon lettering.


Then I needed hero’s and zombies. I had each of them pose in two or three different ways and used different store items as props. Next I took a picture of the store to use as a backdrop. To give it a grungy look I then added other layers from other photos I had. (I take pictures of anything that look like it might be an interesting texture because I never know at the time how I might use it but they come in handy all the time.)

Then with a lot of effects, filters, playing with light and shadow as well as saturation I came up with the final image.


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