Expressing oneself

After winning the t-shirt design contest for Target HQ about expressing “pride” it got me thinking. How would I express my pride? 

First of all I am an out gay man and I am happily married and have been with my husband for over 9 years. I am not as obvious as some and I am always trying to breakdown walls and defeat stern types when and where I can. In having many difficult conversations with people about homosexuality I kept getting the impression that they think we’re radically different from everyone else and nothing could be further from the truth. We are just like you, well almost… and then the idea sparked.

You see I am a digital artist. I work in the world of digital color. Anyone you had worked in this medium knows you either work in RGB or CMYK. RGB is the classic color pallet it uses only these three colors Red, Green, and Blue light to make a wide array of colors. CMYK on the other hand used Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) ink to print a wide array of color. The are the same… well almost, hence this idea:


It was something I felt comfortable wearing anywhere it expressed who I am and yet was not loud or abrasive and wouldn’t necessarily make other feel uncomfortable. That in and of itself is exactly who I am and like to present myself to be. So, how do you express your pride?

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