Target t-shirts and contests

Shortly after I got hired on at the Human Resources Team Leader for the Target near me it came to my attention that the store was going to be celebrating their 1 year anniversary. The store wanted to do something special. In talking with the executive team I offered my deign skills to help make a t-shirt logo for everyone to wear.

The idea was welcomed and I set out on making the logo. Once they were printed everyone wore them while they worked. The t-shirts were loved by everyone including some of the district and group leadership.



A little while later it was brought to my attention that Target HQ was doing a t-shirt design contest. They wanted something to show support for the LGBT community when they did events. I was strongly encouraged to submit an entry. Do to everything I had going on  I didn’t have time to think of anything new so I used the same anniversary logo and changed the text. Lo and behold I WON! This meant my husband and I would be flown to Minneapolis and put up in a nice hotel and be special guests at an event the Target HQ LGBT council was putting together. I would have reps for HQ to chaperone me and show me headquarters and I got to have lunch with the council. (This was my first time to Minneapolis and I immediately fell in love with it. It was this trip that planted the seed in our heads about moving to the midwest.)


With my growing notoriety within the group of stores I work in I was asked to design more t-shirts. One was for another store that was trying to promote the Target Red Card.


Another was the Group Team Leader bought a painting at and LGBT fundraiser and he asked me to make it the focus of that years group t-shirt for SF Aids Walk.


And another was for a group HR event where they were going to be doing a Zumba class as a group activity so they wanted a logo that would match. For this I looked at the official logo and came up with something that was fitting to their theme.


Lastly I entered a company contest to have my artwork featured on a company magazine. The perimeters set the theme as “The Art of Target”. This didn’t win but I was very proud of my entry.


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