Hanukkah? Chanukah?Hanukah? No matter how you celebrate it one thing is sure. You have to have a menorah and in my house you have to have cheese blintzes!

Growing up in my house we are raise in a Christian faith but with the added bonus of Jewish Holidays. Although my father is Jewish he converted to Christianity years ago but still wanted to raise my sisters and I with the heritage he was raised with. I thought it was normal to have Hanukkah and Christmas, to have Passover and Easter, and to have a Biblical name with strong Jewish ties. 

Every year for the Hanukkah/Christmas holiday we had cheese blintzes topped with sour cream and sprinkled with sugar. Over the years different sides came and went but blintzes were a must. Not having blintzes for the holidays might have been the hardest part of moving out of my parents house. Over the years when I can get back home for the holidays I still ask my mom to make blintzes. It just so happened that when my husband and I were moving to Iowa it was during the Holidays and we were driving. I asked my mom if when we were there if not only could we have blintzes but if she would teach me how to make them as well.

Then two years ago (our first Hanukkah in our new home) I attempted to make my mother’s cheese blintzes and they came out great! What I hadn’t told anyone was that for years I had been sitting on a recipe for Russian Cheery Walnut Latkes with Cherry-Apple Sauce. In all honesty I had kinda forgotten about it until I went to make the blintzes myself and wanted to figure out what to serve with them.

I set out on making the latkes and the blintzes. The smells coming from the kitchen were amazing. As I fried up the latkes they releases this sweet smell into the air that I can only describe as “Main Street in Disneyland in Front of the Ice Cream Shop”. It’s a combination of the fresh waffle cones and the sweet ice cream as well as I am sure Disneyland pumps a sweet candy smell into the air!

The dinner came out better than I could have hoped and a new Aronofsky tradition was born! Now this year I am looking forward to making this all again because I made my own canned cherries with sweet an sour cherries as well as my own apple sauce. Should be delicious!

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