Making my nephew the star

What man or boy doesn’t want to be in Star Wars? After having done may projects of making girls the stars of some of their favorite movies I got the idea to do a poster that was based more on what boys like. (Now let me state I do understand that whether it’s sci-fi or princesses that doesn’t dictate gender but lets just put the whole discussion aside for this post.)

Over the years my nephews have loved Star Wars. I too enjoy them but I guess I am more of a Star Trek kinda guy, but again that’s a discussion for another time. One of my nephews birthdays were coming up so I wanted to make him the star of the poster. With the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens I knew that was the movie to work with for inspiration.

So I reached out to him mom and asked her to find out who his favorite character was in the movie. Of corse it was Kilo Ren. This lead me to looking for a darker theme to the poster. I found some great images for inspiration and started sketching it out on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil in the Procreate App.

For some of the elements like the spaceships, the gun, BB8, the clothing, and the planet I did a new technique of doing loose tracing in the app and then worked on giving them my own flare. Tracing my sound easy but trust me when I say it’s trickier than you might think. The images I was working on tracing from were either low resolution or low lit making a lot of the details hard to define and I had to make my best guess when comparing my image to the one I was working from.

Then I added in the rest of my nephews family as other characters from the movie including a unintentional choice of making his parents based off of Han Solo and General Leah which if you have seen the movie is ironic with making my nephew Kilo Ren.

The trick to working on these elaborate drawings in an app like procreate is to do each element as it’s own project and then put them together as flattened images to minimize the number of layers since the app restricts how many layers you can have in any given project. The final piece came out better than I could have hoped and having the project full mobile and not requiring an internet connection meant I was able to even work on it on our long flights to and from Bali when we went on vacation.


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