Debbie’s Farm


One night I got a text from my friend I have illustrated the Jet the Frog series for that she wanted me to do a “family portrait” illustration for a good friend of hers who was going through a tough time. She then told me this friend has a farm, zoo and so much more. She then started seeing me pictures for reference. I quickly discovered this was not only going to be fun but a challenge.

See what my friend didn’t know is that I think animals are the hardest thing to draw, but having been drawing frogs for her I have been more and more willing to take on new artistic challenges. Not only would this be a lot of people to draw but the animals were the furry and feathery kind! Think about it all the hair and all those feathers are not so easy to draw.

So I started where I always do, with the main person in the image. I thought about what are we trying to showcase in this project and then without realizing it the image just started coming together, surrounding Debbie with all the love of her family and animals.

Not only was this something deeply meaningful for Debbie but this piece will always hold an extra special place for me because this was my first piece done entirely on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil using the Procreate app. Being able to go from a sketch to a completed work entirely free of being wired in anywhere has made my digital art the freedom that a pencil and a pad of paper offered!

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