Deep Run Roots


Vivian Howard is the host of the PBS show A Chef’s Life and chef of the restaurant Chef and the Farmer. She recently came out with her first book and boy what a book this is! Easily as thick as The Joy of Cooking, this book does not disappoint.

Now let me be clear. This is a southern cookbook. This cookbook is designed to showcase ingredients. Some think this layout is peculiar but intact it is genius. By focusing on an ingredient you get the best it has to offer. The trick is to learn to cook this way. Learning to cook by the seasons is not hard. The hard part is how many ways can I cook sweet corn? Well, this book shows us that cooking by ingredient can be fun, creative, and inspiring.

If you have ever seen her show the book totally delivers. Each episode is about one ingredient. By the end of each episode I am eager to get my hands on whatever is in season where I live and start making something new and interesting.

Now, I said this is a southern cookbook but it’s so much more. Sure she offers up recipes like the “Peanut Pepsi Bourbon Float” but she also offers up recipes that cover 24 individual ingredients. They cover things that grow all over the US so it’s not just what is specific to her region.

What am I going to cook first from it? Miss Lilly’s Fried Cornbread!

Interested in getting a copy? Check it out on Amazon.

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