Everyone needs a fairytale

This was an illustration I titled: Everyone needs their own fairytale. I used Snow Whites cottage as inspiration but used a series of 7 of my personal photos from Scotty Castle and my own yard to create the reference concept. 


I picked out the images I wanted to use and roughly cut them out in Photoshop. I manipulated them and transformed them to get the concept built. I then loaded the collage into Procreate on my iPad Pro and with the Apple Pencil sketched it out making it look like one seamless picture. Then I started painting it to give it the look and feel I was going for. 


I could have spent a lot more time on this adding in a lot more detail but I am working onto getting bogged down in the details. The overall image is one of a quaint country house set in the woods of a fictional kingdom. In the distance you can see the castle.


I am really excited to see how I can transform photos I have taken into fully illustrated images. The final image was done for my mom as a birthday gift as she is a big fan of Snow White and the Sen Dwarfs.


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