Say goodbye to Thomas’

The crunch, those pockets, the texture, and that flavor… all these things make an English muffin unique.

Being a self professed “non-professional home chef” I love learning how to make classics from scratch. It wasn’t until I came across The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook that I discovered an amazing recipe for English muffins. The recipe does take some time commitment but boy does it pay off! I now make these at home a couple times a month! 

Their secret is starting with using mashed potato and a little whole wheat flour. These two things along with all the other ingredients make the flavor really pop. Their next big tip is the temperature of the water you add and how and when you add it to your dough. I mentioned this does take some time but what’s awesome is that they give you a tip on how to do it over the corse of two days so you don’t have to clear out an entire day from your calendar to make them. Most of that time is in the proofing and rise times so you can do other things while that’s going on.

Another added bonus is that they freeze really well! I make a double batch which will yield 24 muffins and then I bag them in quart freezer bags in two’s (since it’s just my husband and I). Then the night before we want them I set a bag on the counter let it thaw over night and when I get up in the morning I slice them, butter them, and pop them in the toaster over and voilà! Delicious English muffins for breakfast!

Another discovery I made was that they work well as a substitute for ciabatta and made a delicious lunch!


I made the mistake of making these for my parents when I went out and visited them earlier this year and now when I am there  my dad always ask for more!

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