Why eating seasonally is so important…

By eating seasonally you’re eating what can be grown there at that time. It’s riper, more flavorful, and supports your farming community. 

Quality – if it had to be shipped from somewhere because it’s out of season that means it would have to be picked early, shipped and ripened with chemicals or preservative would have to be used.

Terroir – why ship stuff in when there so much already where you are that will give you a more authentic experience with where you’re at.

Green Eco/Sustainable – less jet fuel, less diesel to ship and drive the foods to you.

It keeps food interesting. It builds anticipation for the next season or this season next year.

Bottom line: It keeps food fun! If you are only going to eat, say something like persimmons in fall, then think about all the fun ways you can prepare persimmons and start putting together ideas for next year when it is persimmon seasons again and how much more you are going to anticipate persimmon season!

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