It’s official!

For years I have been looking for a place or way to showcase my creative endeavors. I started with sharing on Facebook but found I wasn’t able to showcase or organize my creativity in a way that was meaningful. As I kept posting my musings on Facebook more and more friends encouraged me to start a blog, which after much looking around and trial and error I now finally have up and running! will be so much more than just a blog. This is going to be a hub for all my creative endeavors. It will be a deeper look into my projects and how or even why I think the way I do. I have set up different menus to share a lot of different ideas. Maybe you always wanted to know what cookbooks I recommend. Now you can look under the culinary tab and find my cookbook club! This is where I’ll feature what cookbooks I love most and why. Maybe you just want to know what crazy thing I am cooking now. Then all you need to do is click on the word culinary. Have you been interested on how I got to the place I am at now with how I think about food? Then check out my Coffee Talk where I’ll be posting random musings and thoughts about food.

This will also be a site for all of my digital art! Maybe you want to see my latest art project, or maybe you want to see past one’s I have done. Just head on over to Digital Art and you’ll get to see all my work. If you have been wanting to check out the picture books I have illustrated you will find those under Digital Art/Picture Books. I’ve even set it up so you can just click on any of the books and they will take you to the best place to buy them!

On the site you can still LIKE, SHARE, TWEET and all the good stuff! I am also linking my Facebook and Twitter accounts to my posts so no matter where you check out social media you can find my posts and what I am up to. If you want to contact me directly well that will be under contacts and even better if you’re interested in hiring me to do a custom project I have information under Commission Work for that as well!

This site is only going to grow. So please SHARE and FOLLOW and most importantly let me know what you think. If you know anyone you think might be interested in my blog please tell them to check it out and follow it as well!

I have lots of ideas of things to add to this site and I hope to bring them to you soon but if you have anything you want to see me add please drop me a line and let me know.

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