Perfect Croissants at Home

Have you ever had a truly great croissant? One that’s buttery, light, flaky, and just the right amount of moistness? Do you ever wish you could have them at home but then realize you’re no master class french baker? Well do I have a surprise for you! 

America’s Test Kitchen featured such a croissant even YOU can make at home. Want to know the secret to a great croissant? A little patience and A LOT of rise time.

The dough could not be easier to make. Of all the bread and pastry I make this is by far the easiest to make. One of their tips is to make a butter packet in a specially folded piece of parchment that allows you to make a perfectly square salt piece of butter that’s about 8-inches by 8-inches. Another secret is getting the dough so cold it behaves more like clay then dough. Each time they need to get it ready to use is sits in the fridge for 2 hours and then in the freezer for 30 minutes. I am not sure how many times they had to test this to get the right consistency but it sure works! After that simply roll it out. They do have tips to get the right shape and all of that but the hardest part of great croissants is the flaky dough and thats done through even distribution of butter and really cold dough which they made both of those things easy to do.

Now, my husband and I have fresh croissants with our caramel macchiatos every morning. My secret. Just slightly under bake them and freeze them, 2 in each quart ziplock. The night before I set them out to thaw and then while I make the coffees my husband warms them up in the toaster oven and then come out like I just baked them!


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    Have you ever had a truly great croissant? Maybe you were on vacation and ended up in a pastry shop. You bit into it’s light and flaky crust thinking this is magic. This can’t be duplicated at home. Well, check out this post I had written about making croissants. If you can roll up pillsbury crescent rolls you can make delicious homemade croissants.


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