Persimmon Pudding Cake with Ginger Walnut Frosting

I love to bake as much as I love to cook. I actually get my start in baking. Growing up my mom often decorated elaborate cakes for various events and parties. I would watch her for hours as she artfully crafted her cakes. On simpler things like gingerbread men she would have me help her which I thought was great fun. It was even something she eventually had her grandkids help with. 

As I got older I wanted to learn how to decorate cakes. I spent my allowance on cake decorating supplies and would even go down to the local grocery store and watch the bakery decorate cakes for extended periods of time. The ladies at the bakery got to know me well and one even taught me how to make a frosting rose left-handed, since this was something I struggled with.

Jump ahead a few years and I started getting as interested with what was inside the cake as what it ended up looking like. I was always on the lookout for new and interesting cake flavors. That’s what when I found “The Seasonal Baker” I was hooked. This not only gave me some new and exciting cakes to try but it also focused on something near and dear to me which is how to eat more seasonably therefore being more responsible with the food market as a whole.

In this cookbook there was a recipe for Persimmon Pudding Cake with Ginger Walnut Frosting. This was so far outside my wheel house I couldn’t help but jump at a chance to make it. Since I was working so much with persimmons this fall it seemed like a perfect time to make this cake and boy was I right! This cake is complex in flavor. It’s moist and chewy, but what’s most interesting to me was the frosting. This frosting is a combination of cream cheese, butter, molasses, fresh grated ginger and a few other things. The end result was inspiring! I immediately started thinking of fun and interesting ways to tweak the recipe to make it my own and how to play up even more of the wonderful fall flavors!

If you’re feeling adventurous and want something to to welcome in fall try this recipe! This definitely would be a show stopper at thanksgiving too!


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