There’s more than one way to poach an egg

Do you enjoy poached eggs? Have you ever tried to poach them at home? It’s not as easy as the pros make look. Or is it?

I have tried following the instructions in Masting the Art of French Cooking, I have also watched How to Cook Like Heston (the episode about eggs), and then I stated googling. It took a while but I came across a technique that may not produce the most perfect poached egg but it’s reliable.

It’s the microwave method. Take a tea cup, something that holds at least 8 ounces of water and is microwave safe, add 4 fl ounce of water (that’s ½ a cup), then add the egg.


Cover the cup with a saucer or some small plate.

Microwave for somewhere between 45-60 seconds. (This will depend on the temperature of your water and egg.) Take a peak. Does it look poached? If not, pop it back into the microwave for 10 more seconds. Do this until you get exactly the texture you want. Record or remember the time that worked best for your conditions.

Then with a slotted spoon just gently remove it from the water and add it to your toast, English muffins or whatever you ant to add them too.

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