Who needs canned pumpkin?

OK, I do realize not everyone had time to roast a pumpkin but it’s actually A LOT easier than you think it is! 

First off did you know the stem just snaps off? I had no idea! Now that we got that out of the way lets just clarify you don’t want to cook your halloween jack-o-lantern. You want a Pie Pumpkin. They have a much sweeter taste and will make you pumpkin treat much tastier! Even better they are smaller so they are easier to handle.

So you have washed your pumpkin and snapped off the stem. Now split it in half and clean it out. Try to get out as much of the membrane as you can as well as all the seeds. Pop that sucker cut side down on a rimmed baking sheet lined with foil.


Preheat your oven to 400ºF. Put the pumpkin in for 45-60 minutes until the pumpkin is soft. Now pull it out and let it cool. Then just slip the skin right off. Pop the pumpkin into a food processor. (No need to cut it into smaller pieces as it will fall apart as you try to put it in the food processor.) Pulse it until you have your desired consistency and enjoy! Use like you would any canned pumpkin.

If your pureed pumpkin seems to thin you can always ring it out in some cheese cloth or put in a stainer over a bowl, cover and refrigerate, then the next day it should be thicker.

Now what are you going to make with all your pumpkin? I am thinking about Jeni’s Roasted Pumpkin 5-Spice Ice Cream and maybe some Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins!

Oh, and one Sugar Pumpkin or Pie Pumpkin will yield somewhere around 43 ounces of pumpkin puree so have a plan how to use it or store extra in the freezer for future use!

2 thoughts on “Who needs canned pumpkin?

    • I have seen them in the grocery stores here. I would definitely check Whole Foods of Trader Joe’s if you do not see them at the big chain stores. Look for either Sugar Pumpkin or Pie Pumpkin. Otherwise yes, a farmers market should definitely have them.


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