Autumn Pear Iced Tea

I, like too many other Americans drink way too much soda. It’s not that I always want soda but I do want something with sweetness and flavor. Water doesn’t always cut it for me. 

Growing up I remember my mom make sun tea on our back patio. She had an old glass pickle jar that she would fill with water and lost of tea bag and sit it in the sun all day. Then we would have a big jar of iced tea!

Another method for idea tea I always enjoyed was at a restaurant in California. They would bring you a large glass of ice and a fresh pot of double strength tea. You would pour the tea over the ice, deluding the tea and cooling it down.

Recently I kept thinking it would be nice to have iced tea ready and accessible at any time. They idea of sun tea is tricky living here in Iowa because we don’t have the best weather for it year round. Then the idea of brewing tea every time I wanted a glass also seemed unappealing. So I kept procrastinating and drinking more soda.

A little back story here, my parents moved to Washington State when I was still living with the years ago. Having had lived there I got to know Pikes Place Market. What’s great about the market is that it’s not just the giant multi story L-shaped building but the streets and alley ways that nestle up against it. In on of these alleys there is an awesome tea shop called the Perennial Tea Room. They sell anything a true tea enthusiast could want for enjoying tea. Oh, and they sell AMAZING varieties of loose tea!

Back to my woes about iced tea… Recently was placing an order with the Tea Room for “Paris” a hot tea my husband and I very much enjoy and I again bemoaned my iced tea dilemma. My husband told me I should check out there site for ways to make iced tea. So I did and found just the thing… the only problem is yet again my husband was right.

This is when I discovered the Lucent Glass Iced Tea Jug with Capsule Infuser. Then I was on the hunt for what might make a good iced tea. I knew I wanted something fruity but the last tea I got from the Perennial Tea Room for this purpose, years ago, they were out of. So I started digging through their recommended teas an found “Autumn Pear“. WOW! What this tea amazing! This is now my go to ice tea! Just the right about of flavor and sweetness. I can make a 48 ounce jug at once and it doesn’t take up too much room in my fridge!

I now have been regularly enjoying iced tea and have dramatically reduced my soda intake!

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