Not all oils are created equally

La Tourgangelle oils dates back over 150 years. It began in France and is now also in California. In 2002, the new mill in Woodland California started producing oils from nuts grown in the central valley. When the nuts are brought to the mill they are roasted in cast iron pots that came from the mill in France. Their roasting technique is an essential step to getting their remarkable flavor.


They are also committed to sourcing organic products, working with fair trade certified suppliers and they support local edible gardens and farm to fork programs.

Beyond knowing they have good business practices and products with quality what really drew me to them was their assortment. Not only do they have amazing nut oils but they also have amazing artisan extra-virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil. It was the grapeseed oil that first drew me to their site. This is an oil I hadn’t heard much about but with it’s clean flavor and high smoke point (up to 450ºF) this made it a great cooking oil for my every day cooking. I even now fry in it because of the high smoke point. (When cooking with olive oil the smoke point is around 320ºF so if you’re cooking with high heats this can be problematic.

I recently got more into nut oils. Some recipes I had been working with said for toasting nuts to toss them in the same flavor oil after toasting to get the best flavor and the experience was amazing. This got me to thinking about cakes. I make a lot of cakes that have nuts in them and the batter calls for oil to be the fat content, usually canola (a flavorless oil). This got me thinking, what if I try a nut oil instead? Now, I haven’t tried this year but I have a recipe for a pistachio cake and the idea of using pistachio oil to bring out the nut flavor even more is very exciting! (I’ll be sure to do a write up on it when I try it.)

All in all I don’t find their pricing to be outlandish. Yes, it’s more expensive but not everyone has eight different oils they cook with regularly like I do. They also occasionally run markdowns. Right now you can get their large 750ml can of extra-virgin olive oil for $7.49 on their website.

One last thing is on a few occasions I have had difficulty with their site or availably of a product. In each case I have emailed with customer service and they were responsive and helpful!

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