Understanding the Basics Allows for Creativity in the Kitchen

I can’t stress this enough because it might be the foundation to all creativity but understanding the basics allows you to focus on the creative inspirations.

I have talked about how much I love Jeni’s Ice Cream. Here I took the basics of her plain base instruction, then looked at a recipe in which she added a fruit purée and one where she added alcohol and worked out what I thought would be an interesting flavor.

What I ended up with was Persimmon and Amaretto Ice Cream.

It started with having over ripe persimmons that I wouldn’t be able to just slice or dice so I knew I needed to purée them. I then looked at my liqueurs and thought about what might go well with persimmon. I thought about how a persimmon is described as almost having a  honey flavor. Oh, hey wait. Maybe that’s something else I can do. In the base I know it calls for corn syrup. I remember there was a recipe where she cut that in half and used honey! I should do that. OK, so what alcohol? Honey… it also kinda is reminiscent of apricot in flavor not texture. Ew, fuzzy ice cream… OK, I am digressing. Wait what about amaretto? Hmm, honey, almond, fruity… Hey I think I am on to something.

Now that I had my base idea it was time to put it together. I went through all the steps and let it chill. Then into the ice cream maker it went… Gosh it’s looking a bit runny I hope it sets up… Hey, Siri, remind me to check on the ice cream in 1 hour. (Normally it takes about 45 minutes to make but with it being so thin I was gonna wait and check later.)

About 50 minutes passed and presto-bamo! Amazing ice cream that was fully set up. I scooped it all out into my container I freeze my ice creams in and got it labeled. Oh, hey here’s a tip. “Frog Tape” that’s the green masking take makes great labels in a pinch and comes off clean so there’s no sticky residue even if you forget and leave it on when it goes through the dishwasher.

Now for the real waiting. I find the ice cream is at it’s best if after it goes into the freezer if I wait 5 or 6 hours to try it but this was about scoopability as well. So I wanted it to get as hard as it could with the booze in it and see if my idea of booze would allow it to stay scoopable.

Well, today I finally scooped into it and it was great! A little harder than I would like but the flavor was out of this world! If I didn’t know any better I would have called it peach cobbler al a mode! Yum! So goo! This is going into my standard fall ice cream flavor rotation!


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