Lunch Prep

Most people see or hear what I eat and they immediately think “well that’s because he doesn’t work so he has time to cook like that”. The truth of the matter is I was making lunches to take to work and holding down a full time job and everything else. How did I do it? Well it’s all about the prep. 

So take this lunch for example. Farro with Persimmons and Pan-Fried Hazelnuts. This is relatively quick and easy to through together and doesn’t need fancy tools. All you need are some guidelines.

  1. Have a fun vessel to take your lunches in! Nothing seems more of a downer than a “brown bag lunch” but if you had a cute and silly lunch box it will make taking your lunches to work even more fun.
  2. When doing any cooking prep all of your ingredients before you start! This makes cooking way less stressful. There’s no trying to measure while something is boiling, frying, or simmering.
  3. The right storage containers make ALL the difference! My personal preference is the OXO Locktop 3.8 cup Small Rectangle. They keep food fresh and fully come apart for easy cleaning. For this particular lunch I use the Locktop 1.7 cup Small Square.
  4. Make enough for all 5 days of work all at once! For my husband and I we make all 10 lunches on Sundays. That way they are just something you have to grab and go!
  5. Don’t dress salads until you eat them and if you have hot and cold elements to them keep them separate.
  6. Lastly, layer… Don’t mix your salads before you container them layer them. The less mashing you do to veggies the more they will hold their shape, not bruise, and not get soggy by releasing their liquid.
  7. Oh, and don’t forget to throw a snack in the lunch box. You have to have a treat for being good and taking a homemade meal! I usually throw in cookies!

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