Time, Patience, and Detail

Happy Halloween! With today being Halloween I was thinking about what to post. Later today I will have more food post and what-not but I was thinking I should pay tribute to this holiday with a throw back to one of my favorite costumes I made. Yes, I sew too. 

Back in 1991 Steven Spielberg wow’ed audiences with his movie Hook. In it Dustin Hoffman played Captain Hook. His costume captivated my imagination. Over a decade later that costume never left my imagination. I spent that time getting into sewing and learning how to make my creations come to life.


I started with working with felt. The nice thing about this was in a pinch I could just glue the seams. Then I started getting more serious with making my own costumes. I started working with lace and velvet. I would construct yarn wigs and over sized hats.

The time finally came to try my own hand at making my own version of Captain Hook. I went to the fabric store and looked at patterns for pirates, red coats, anything period that would give me ¾ coats and knickers.

I then went over to the fabric section where they had bridal fabrics. There I found an awesome lace, a great textured fabric for the shirt, and the velvet for the coat. Then I went over to where they had their Christmas stuff and found a great red and gold wired ribbon. Then it was over to buttons. I looks through tons of buttons and landed on a few. One for the coat which had a crest like emblem. I found one that was smaller that would work for the vest. I then found a great white round button that would work for the shirt cuffs.

Then it was over to suiting fabric and I found a great pinstripe that would work for the vest. The vest was the same pattern as the coat but I didn’t do the sleeves and I too the hem up about 3 inches.

When I went to get everything cut I was getting looks from the ladies that worded there but over the years I just learned to ignore the judgement and just tell them what I needed. I know they couldn’t understand what a early twenty something guy was doing with all of this but I didn’t care.

I took all the stuff home and borrowed my mom’s sewing machine. Then it was a lot of patience in putting it all together. Whether it was making the yarn wig and “styling” the “hair” or making the hat and giving it the grandness of a pirates hat, or all of the hand stitching that went into it, I just took it one step at a time. When it came to sewing the ribbon on to the velvet I removed the wire from the ribbon and then did a whip-stich. On the gold trimmed edge I used gold thread and stitched through every gold square, and then on the rev velvet  side I stitched with red thread through every red square. All the lace was and stitched on as well.

Yes, any sane person would say I went over the top but this costume is one of my proudest accomplishments and still is on display in my home office. It’s a reminder that anything you put your mind to can be achieved with a little time, patience, and attention to detail.


One thought on “Time, Patience, and Detail

  1. I remember you sitting on the couch making the wig… I was astounded! It seemed to be all freehand…but it came out exactly like you had planned! The story about buying the shoes was hilarious!
    The costume was gorgeous! So was the Beast one you did from Beauty and the Beast… It was so cute that Libby was Tinkerbell and I’m kicking myself for not making Itsy into the crocodile! Your attention to detail is AWESOME! Caroline and I both are in love with the costumes from the Stars TV series Outlander. They made a wedding dress that they wanted to have a luminescent quality to it…but needed it to be authentic to the time period (1700’s in Scotland). They used shaved Mica… Thanks for sharing your costume story with all of us! (mom)

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