Roasted Pear Ice Cream

Anyone following my blog knows I LOVE Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Although I have never been to her shop her cookbook has inspired me and armed me with the knowledge I need to get creative with ice cream flavors and with it being fall I already did a Persimmon Ice Cream so it was high time I turned my attention to the pear. 

Over the weekend I roasted pears for a breakfast I was working on. I had a lot of pear purée and started thinking about uses. I then thought this intense roasted pear flavor would be fantastic in ice cream. I then thought about my recent revelation that adding booze keeps my ice cream scoopable. That’s when I realized I have Absolut Pear Vodka and the idea was born. So I made my ice cream base, added the pear, then added the flavored vodka and let it chill.

The next day I thought it would be better if it had more of a pear color so I added a couple drops of green and yellow food coloring. I then popped it into my Breville Smart Scoop. I then put it into my Tovolo Ice Cream Tub and let it finish setting up.

Well last night we finally had it and WOW! Was it good! Loved the color and the little born flecks made it look even more pear like! This s definitely a keeper!


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