Blueberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Years ago Martha Stewart had an Oatmeal Cookie recipe that I have adapted over the years. I recently got thinking about the original recipe and taking it back to something closer to what she made. In her recipe she used cranberries and no chocolate but in my first attempt at making a new cookie to go into my arsenal I knew there had to be white chocolate. Then I got thinking about what dried fruit made the most sense to me. I thought about classic oatmeal and how blueberries tend to be the traditional fruit of choice. 

As it turns out I had dried blueberries in my pantry. I replaced the cranberries for blueberries and add the white chocolate. I went ahead and made up a batch of exactly what she called for with just my two additions.


The cookies came out pretty good but they are lacking in both structure and in blueberries. So now I need to go looking for some other trusted recipe sources for good oatmeal cookie recipes and see what in the structure of the cookie can I change.

I know the issues ultimately lies in the butter to flour ratio but what I am not sure about is if the oats count as part of the “dry goods” or as an addition like nuts, fruits, and chocolates.

They are perfectly edible but this is definitely a recipe I am going to keep playing with.

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