Beginners Fried Rice

Of all the areas I have dabbled in asian cooking is one I am only just skimming the surface on. I have done the occasional green curry dish. I have even tried my hand at Vietnamese spring rolls. I love the complexity of flavor and I love learning more about the interesting ingredients they work with. So it was only inevitable that we would end up getting a wok at some point. 

With all my kitchen has going for it the one thing that is a struggle is that we have just a basic 30-inch stove. This is fine for most things but if both my husband and I are trying to do any cooking it becomes an issue and when we are doing things like canning the large pots make it so only two can fit on the stove.

A year ago when we got Breville’s Fast Slow Pro. It moved a lot of things off the stove and eased some of the congestion in the kitchen. Then a few months ago we got their Smart Fryer. Not that I do a ton of frying but it moved more cooking tasks off our stove and to another part of the kitchen. So when I saw the Hot Wok Pro I knew this was the way I wanted to go.

Yes, I have, what some may call, an unhealthy addiction to Breville products.  They just work so darn well!

Last night we finally got to give it a go. We wanted an easy dinner as we had been cooking all day in the kitchen. I wanted it to be stuff we already had on hand so with some digging around I came across a recipe called Bacon and Egg Fried Rice on the Kitchn’s website.

Not only was this a quick and easy recipe but we discovered it was the perfect recipe for any first time wok user. With the few ingredients and straightforward steps you’re able to focus on learning how to keep the food moving in the pan, how to control the heat for the desired effects, and what you need to have ready before you even begin because with a wok you can’t stop.

We swapped out the white rice for brown. We cooked the rice in the Fast Slow Pro and I had a realization… Bacon and Egg Fried Rice is the perfect filling for a breakfast burrito!

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