Let’s Talk About, Stock, Baby…Part 2

So a few days ago I wrote an article about making chicken stock. I talked about the hows and why to making the stock. In this follow up I wanted to show the process completed.

By cooking the stock using bone joints with high gelatin content you end up with something very different from typical stocks. When you chill it the gelatin allows your stock to solidify. In this stage of the process this is a huge benefit as it makes skimming the final fat layer off the stock fairly simple.

In this short clip you can see how dense and giggly the stock has become after sitting in the fridge over night.

Due to the steps I took in straining the stock after it was cooked the fat layer on top is minimal. If you didn’t use as fine of a cheese cloth or depending on the fat content of your chicken to begin with you my have a thicker fat cap.

Then simply with a spoon or spatula you just start working at scraping the fat off the stock. This just take a little patience and then you have a fairly low fat stock.

The next step was to reheat the stock. It seems a little bizarre but as soon as even just a little heat is applied it become completely liquified again. Then it was just a matter of canning it. Since the pH level is high this requires a pressure canner. These may seem intimidating but being able to pressure can opens up a whole category of food preservation that wouldn’t be possible other wise.


Now I have 12 pints of chicken stock that will last quite some time in a cool, dark place.

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