Chocolate Babka. Or as I like to call it “The Sweet Mystical Goodness”

Have you ever heard of babka? If you’re Jewish the answer very well could be yes. However I have also been told if you grew up in New York there’s a good chance you are familiar with it as well! But hot to make it? How to shape it? How do you weave all that yummy goodness through the dough? Well, I finally found out and I am happy to share. 

In one of me social media/news feeds and article popped up. Simply titled “Shaping Babka“. It was posted on the food blog “Pretty. Simple. Sweet.” Once I saw how this loaf was shaped I was in awe of it’s simplicity.

Now travel back in time with me about 3 years ago. I purchased the cookbook “Good To the Grain“. In it she talks about working with Kamut and Millet flour to make a delicious challah. She then goes on to talk about babka. However, her instructions for forming the babka left me wanting. So I kept trying things.

Now jump up to this year. Babka always seemed elusive. Mystical…but the idea seemed irresistible. So when the article popped in my feed I couldn’t resist. The step by step pictures showed just how easy it is to make this stunning loaf. Now, no longer mystical, babka is not a dream but a reality!

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