Tortellini (Part 2)

A little over a week ago I wrote about a delicious dinner I made. Tortellini and Pan-Seared Butternut Squash with Prosciutto and Parmesan Broth. This dinner was so good I knew it would need to be repeated to work through some of my ideas. After all cooking is only fun if you can make a recipe your own. 

I decided I needed to make more tortellini because I still had some leftover filling and lost of stuff to make more filling. So I through the three cheeses into the food processor. Then I got to thinking about the herbs. Originally it called for parsley. This is fine but being that there are some much heartier herbs that represent fall better in my opinion I grabbed a handful of thyme and sage and threw that in rather than the parsley. I then took the leftover filling I still had in the fridge and thew that in as well. While I was in the fridge I also noticed some leftover puréed pumpkin. I thought, hey, that could be interesting. I looked around on line and found adding squash to pasta fillings was quite normal so in it went too!

A challenge I had making the tortellini last time was the amount of filling per tortellini. It was either too much or too little and it was hard to control. Thats when I got the idea to use a piping bag. One thing I learned a long time ago was disposable piping bags are much easier to deal with. Then I found Ateco’s piping bags. They come on a handy roll making them easy to get as you need. They also come in various sizes. I have found having both a small and a large bag can be handy. For this project the large 18-inch bag was perfect.


Next was making sure I had the right amount of filling. This is yet another place where a digital scale comes in handy. Then it was just a lot of rolling, cutting, filling, and shaping. When it comes to rolling out the pasta we had noted late time I made it that the pasta seemed a bit thick so this batch I rolled on the thinnest setting.

Lastly, the recipe had mentioned that you could freeze the tortellini and cook it from frozen. Since I am always looking for dinners I can have ready to go when I am too beat too cook I had to try freezing them. I do have a few thoughts on how to make alterations to the rest of the recipe but throwing herbs into the pasta dough and piping the filling were just too much fun not to share!

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