The Best Part of Getting Up… Is Bootstrap in My Cup!

Some people are coffee people and some people are tea people. My husband and I are one of those rare types that love both! The question became what kind of coffee and what kind of tea. The journey took us on a few twists and turn and even overseas…

It started before my husband and I even met. When he and I met I was working for Starbucks as an assistant store manager. I was taught not just about the coffee basics about about the intricacies of how to taste coffee, how to describe coffee, and on coffee pairings. Of corse I was taught all the beverages and made them regularly. While my husband and I were dating he would come see me at work and at the time he wasn’t a coffee drinker so I started him on various tea beverages and eventually helped him find a coffee beverage he enjoyed. Starbucks was fine enough but there were definitely times the drinks were sweet and smooth and other times they were not.

We had a bit of a whirlwind romance and after 6 months of dating he had gone to the UK for a work trip. While he was there he left me a message to call him. This was odd but I did. He proceeded to tell me that he got a job offer to work in Europe but that he would only go if I would go with him. He went on about how much he loved me and all the while all I could think is stop talking so I could say YES! This was our unofficial engagement. In just a few short months we left the US behind and ended up in London. Prior to the official move we were there to find a place to live. While on that trip we discovered Paul¬†bakeries. Their cappuccino’s were perfect. The foam, the milk, the temperature, the espresso, so much so it needed nothing, no sweeteners of any kind. (I should mention to this day, hands down the best hot chocolate anywhere.)

We still occasionally had Starbucks and still do when we travel. It’s kind of the safe “known” coffee all over the world… When we eventually moved back. I tried working for Starbucks again but the enjoyment for their coffee was quite there. I still had Starbucks but I missed better coffees, coffee that was so good all it needed was steamed milk and some foam. During the time my husband took to drinking espresso beverages with me and enjoying them.

We eventually decided to get our own espresso machine for home but opted to go with a different coffee roaster and started getting our beans from Peet’s Coffee. After some discussion with one of their baristas we ended up going with a roast they called “Garuda”. This was a nice sweet roast and was pretty good.

When we moved to the midwest I started ordering my coffee online from Pete’s because their’s not much worse than trying to find a new roast. As we started exploring Minneapolis we encountered Quixotic Coffee. At the time they were serving a Habanero Mocha, hands down maybe the best flavored espresso beverage I have had. We were so wowed by this we got talking to the staff about why it was so good. Turns out that their whole philosophy is based on local products. That got us talking about their coffee and found out that its from a guy in Minneapolis who started with roasting in his garage!

I bought what I could at the time and switched us to Bootstrap. Hands down the best coffee I have had in the US and close to simply the best period. His espresso roast aptly named DIY Espresso is just that. Espresso so good you can make it yourself. The roast is sweet and creamy yet offers a robust flavor. All in all it’s smoothness is what really stands out to me and has my husband and I drinking Bootstrap Coffee every morning and sometimes serval times a day. (A side note: If I drain more than one Starbucks in a day I would get some pretty bad stomach aches yet I can drink multiple espresso beverages using Bootstrap with no problem other than too much caffeine! LOL)

I love that his site is easy and straightforward so ordering the coffee I need is easy. He uses USPS flat rate boxes so shipping is very reasonable and quick. Best of all I am supporting local small business which fits very well with my thoughts on what I eat and drink.

I also love that he’s now offering 3 sizes to order one of which being his 5 pound bag which we go through in about a month. As you can see here I was way too close to running out! Glad my order came as quick as it did! Now I can have my DIY espresso in the morning!

One thought on “The Best Part of Getting Up… Is Bootstrap in My Cup!

  1. I love coffee and tea equally too – can’t live without either! Regarding coffee, it can be a long road to finding your perfect blend. I found mine recently (Dramanti, here in Brisbane, Australia) and I can’t get enough of it now. Persistence pays off!

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