The Thanksgiving Table

With the big day fast approaching there are a ways you can prepare. Planning, shopping, organizing, cleaning, and one I find helpful, a dry run.

Since I only set this table once a year it’s easy to misplace things. Do I have all the plates I need. Do I have enough seating for everyone? Do I have enough platters? Since I don’t eat in my dining room every day I can do a dry run on setting my thanksgiving table.

It first starts with an idea. What do I think of when I think of thanksgiving? Right now I am really going big on seasonality. So that means fall! The leads me to a color pallet. Oranges, yellows, browns, and muted greens. Then I thought about my center piece. I took my cue from nature. Literally. I went outside and started cutting anything the looked interesting either in shape or color. I arranged it into a large hurricane lantern jar. I then filled the jar with some raffia and decorative rocks I happened to have. While I was out running errands I saw these small battery pack lights and got a couple packs and put them in the arrangement. So my out of pocket expense for this arrangement was $15 for the lights.

I then thought about a tablecloth. I like crisp white linens but I wasn’t getting enough of a pop of color. I then remembered I had old copper colored curtains in a box somewhere. (Curtains can make for some fun and unusual table clothes in a pinch.)


Every time I am doing a new setting I always buy decorative salad plates that emphasize my theme. I found these great pumpkin on a vine plates at Williams Sonoma for $15 each. Buy only doing the salad plate it allows me to spend a little more on nicer plates and their easier to store since I don’t have to find somewhere to put a 20 piece dish set. I also bought a linen runner because just like outfits or home decor layers add a sense of style and luxury to a table.

I knew we had gold chargers. They aren’t my favorite but they worked in a pinch. (Yikes! I can only find 2 and we should have 4. This is why I do a dry run.)

Lastly I put out all the glasses, plates, and flatware to make sure everything fit. Then at the other end of the table I put out all of the platters for the different dishes to make sure I would have enough room if I chose to put the platters on the table.

I have a few other ideas on how I might dress up my table even more and I know I need to resolve the missing charger. By doing a dry run I have time to think about these things and not be stressed.

You may also be wondering, What’s up with the bowl with a glass in it? Well, I got this idea to serve my soup as a appetizer. I was in Crate and Barrel and saw these fun little cocktail glasses that I thought would be perfect for it. Then I remembered that I had stemless martini glasses! Then going back to my comment about layering and texture I thought it would be fun to set the glass in a wooden bowl and nestled in some raffia. (If you look outside in our trees you can see the remnants of the birds nests now that all the leaves are gone. This was my inspiration.)

So, remember sometimes the best inspiration comes from looking out your window, in your yard, or while your out and about. While I might love a big arrangement of fresh cut flowers as much as the next person I wanted to go more seasonal with my theme.

2 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Table

  1. Love the article! Yesterday i was thinking about upcoming holidays and remembered how I did a gorgeous Hanukkah table and only spent $2.00. (I ran around the house looking for anything blue and or gold and made it from that.) but thinking about that table I wondered where my gold chargers were…that made me wonder where my silver chargers were… I couldn’t remember seeing them anywhere… So I started looking and found them in the lower cabinet of where where we have the boat. Whew!!! (Mom)

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