Knot Your Typical Dinner Rolls

With Thanksgiving just days away I like to get done what I can as far in advance as possible. Bread, rolls and anything that needs oven time and/or rising time is best to get out of the way as early as possible. So doing these knotted dinner rolls now I don’t have to work them into the oven rotation on the day of. 
First off homemade breads are always better. The imperfections and individual nuances are worth the effort and who doesn’t like the bread that comes before the meal? This recipe made 18 rolls and there are only 3 of us this year. So I am going to have a lot of extra rolls! This isn’t a problem. I learned long ago that when doing homemade rolls, whether it be dinner rolls, biscuits, croissants, or anything else you might make the biggest secret is making them ahead and reheating them.

First off I make my dough. This is a recipe that I found in Fine Cooking Magazine OCT/NOV 2011. The dough is a milk dough that is also sweetened with a little sugar. They are perfect either at room temperature or heated up.

I let the dough rise covered in plastic. Then I weigh the dough and divide it evenly into 18 pieces. I then roll them out and loosely tie a know tucking the tails one over and one under. Then I let them rise again.

Then it’s as simple as egg washing them and sprinkling them with sesame seeds, pop them in the oven and bake at 400ºF  for 15 minutes rotating about half way through.


They came out under cooked but that’s exactly what I wanted. Now I am going to let them fully cool. Then I will bag them in 6’s (making 3 bags). Then I will put them in the freezer. Wednesday night I will pull one bad out and let it thaw on the counter. Then just before dinner I will pop them in the toaster oven for 3-5 minutes. The key is the toaster oven. This finishes them off perfectly. It’s how we have croissants every morning. We also do this with english muffins. By reheating them after being fully thawed they don’t get dried out and using the toaster oven rather than the microwave they won’t get chewy or rubbery.

Here’s another tip: Slice them in half like a beagle and they make the perfect bread for left over turkey sandwiches. Although I made my dough from scratch you could shape any remade dough the same way!

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