I Can’t Believe it’s Butter!

Homemade butter? Is it even possible? Because we have fantastic butter this isn’t anything I even wondered or was looking for, but when I was thumbing through my latest cookbook “The Gefilte Manifesto Cookbook” and came across Everything Beagle Butter on page 19, I was fascinated. 

So, when I was planning my Thanksgiving menu this year I had my normal Knotted Dinner Rolls. This is usually plenty but then when I got this cookbook I saw another dinner roll I wanted to try (more on that later). At the end of the introduction of their dinner roll they mentioned it went great with Everything Beagle Butter. So I then thought, hey! I could do a little bread course at the beginning like when you go to a fancy restaurant. They usually have fancy butters and I love our hope butter.

I flipped over to the recipe and it was a combination of black and white sesame seeds… Yup… black sesame seeds… Didn’t even know there was such a thing and boy can I tell you they are hard to find. I looked everywhere an no one had them. It wasn’t until I went to a local supermarket for something I forgot that my husband happen to spot them!

Add to that it called for dried onion, onion powder, poppy seeds, salt, and heavy whipping cream… wait what? Oh, I guess this is going to be one of those light whipped butters and some how your fold the whipping cream and the butter together.. Interesting…

So I started reading the recipe… combine all the spices and set aside. Pour the whipping cream into your stand mixer. Mix until it’s thick dense whipped cream, keep mixing. Mix unit it starts to “break”. Keep mixing… wait, what?…as you keep mixing the fat solids will start to break apart from the liquid and that fat is butter… HOLY SMOKES! I am making my own butter! Out of whipping cream???

You end up whipping for about 10-15 minutes… it didn’t seem like much was happening and then all of the sudden presto! a big lump of butter, and the liquid? Buttermilk! This isn’t normal cultured buttermilk but it’s still buttermilk!

So now for my Thanksgiving table I have homemade butter to serve with my dinner rolls! Oh, and it tastes amazing! This shmear is going to be a staple I am sure!

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