The Ultimate Dinner Roll

Dinner rolls are a tricky business. You want something to nibble on but you don’t want to fill up on it. You want it to taste good but you don’t want it to conflict with the meal or steal the spotlight. Well this dinner roll may do just that but it’s so good it may be all anyone remembers.

As I was thumbing through The Gefilte Manifesto I saw recipe after recipe of things I couldn’t wait to try. Two of the recipes were perfect for my Thanksgiving table. First, I landed the Seeded Honey Rye Pull-Apart Rolls. Seeing ingredients like rye flour, caraway seeds, coriander, and honey had me very curious.

Then in this recipe introduction they mentioned it paired well with the Everything Beagle Butter. Once I looked at that recipe I was sold! So my husband set out on making the butter, which was a fascinating experience with a delicious result. Then I set out on making the rolls.

When I put the dough together and covered it for the first rise it seemed like nothing was happening. I was getting discouraged. Then I sectioned it out and make the small pieces to put in the spring form pan. As I broke off each section I was amazed with the aroma. I got them all shaped and into the pan and left it to rise. It still seemed like nothing was happening. Then almost at the end of the second rise it seemed like it got a little lift. I went ahead and popped them into the oven and baked them.

When the timer went off I nervously went to the oven and opened the door… I was shocked and delighted to see they looked amazing! Just like the picture in the book! Of coarse we broke one off to try and added the butter we had made. The complex flavor of the rolls with the flavorful butter was a delight and joy to eat. The rolls we slightly sweet and almost floral and the butter was creamy and oniony. It didn’t seem like it should work but WOW did it!


The real surprise was they didn’t seem to sit “heavy” after eating them. They seem like the perfect thing to start with as they will surprise and delight the senses before embarking on a intriguing meal.

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