There’s More Than One Meal This Week to Think About…

I know, I know, you already have a lot of your plate, so to speak. Well, here’s one more thing… Everyone needs more than just the one meal this week. Part of your plan needs to be what are you going to not only feed everyone else but yourself this week while your busy prepping? Having a plan for this is the first step to a stress-free Thanksgiving. 

The next step? Putting together a plan that doesn’t require any cooking while you’re prepping. Lunches are easy. This could be something as simple as sandwiches but if you want something healthier or tastier something like the Farro Salad with Persimmons and Fried Hazelnuts from Dandelion & Quince is perfect. Last week I made a batch of this and then decided up the farro mixture into containers and put it in the fridge. Now, this week when I need to step away from the kitchen and re-fuel I just pop one of those containers in the microwave for a minute and then dump that on top of a little bit of arugula.

As for dinners this can be as easy as something like a lasagna. Make a big pan ahead of time and you’re good to go. Something else that works well is the Pork and Tomatillo Stew that I made and canned. This just requires grabbing it off the shelf dumping it in a bowl and warming it up. Remember this week is about EASY!

If you’re a breakfast household this could be hard. My personal favorite breakfast is our Quinoa Oatmeal with Persimmons and Pears. This is a bit labor intensive and if you have a big crowd staying with you before, during, or after Thanksgiving this probably isn’t the right option. Pastry is always a goo thing but you should have something other than that to offer as well. So this year I am trying Sausage, Egg, and Biscuit Casserole. One pan dishes you can bake ahead of time and simply reheat are always good options for this week.

The casserole is simple enough. You start with browning breakfast sausage. You then take a can of frozen buttermilk biscuits (or not, I had my husband make a batch from scratch) and slicing them in half after they have thawed just a little. Take half the biscuit pieces and put them in a pan, layer with half your sausage, layer with cheese, layer with the other half of the biscuits, one more layer of the sausage and pour your egg mixture over the whole thing. Bake for about 30 minutes. Then top with the other half the cheese and bake until set.

Having a plan not only for the big meal but for all the meal this week will dramatically reduce the stress of this holiday.

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