Are There Other Meals on Thanksgiving?

So many families sit down to the traditional Thanksgiving Meal in the middle of the day? Why? Some it’s “just what we’ve always done. Some it’s because we’re shopping when the stores open in the evening. Some it’s to squeeze it in between all the football games. But, if you’re like me you did it as a dinner, and if that’s dinner what do you do for breakfast and lunch? 

With my Thanksgiving meal I had the planning down pat. On thanksgiving I didn’t even have to be in the kitchen till 3pm to have dinner on the table at 5pm. To ensure breakfast wasn’t an issue my husband made a breakfast casserole. This was super easy to slice up and reheat in the microwave so no cooking the “day of” was necessary.


Then with lunch I was trying to decide what I was going to do. I still had a fair amount of Ramp Tartar Sauce in my fridge and I had some tilapia in my freezer and a few leftover potatoes. Fish and Chips seemed like an easy lunch and flavors that would not compete with what dinner would be. To make it easier to eat I sliced the tilapia filets into 4 pieces making them into “fish sticks” then battered and fried them. I had also chosen fish and chips because I needed the fryer to do my onion topping for the green beans. Lunch was a hit!


Doing dishes that can be as big or small as the “eater” wants makes sure that everyone has room for dinner and dessert. It’s not about over eating but it’s about eating all three meals. The key to enjoying Thanksgiving in my opinion is all about portion control so you can enjoy everything…

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