Forget the Leftovers. Try Do-overs!

If you read my post from yesterday titled The Good, The Bad, and The Soggy you know I had issues with a good chuck of my dishes. So leftovers didn’t seem exciting, but I did take notes and have been thing about it since. My intention was to let everyone just reheat what they wanted and I was going to “play” with my leftovers and see if I could flesh out some of my ideas. 

Then it turned into me reheating and reinventing the dishes for everyone.

The idea started simple enough I had some ring molds that I was going mince up the left over stuffing and pack into the rings. Then I was going to pan-fry them in a hot pan with a little oil, once well seared put the pan in a 350ºF oven and bake.


I also julianeed the sweet potatoes and tossed it all in pomegranate molasses and White balsamic, sautéed those as well and popped them into the oven to bake. While those were baking I then sautéed the green bean casserole in another pan and the turkey in a final pan.

While all that was going I poured hot water into the soup bowls to keep them warm and warmed up the soup and the gravy. Then in the toaster oven I warmed up the dinner rolls.

By doing all of this I ended up with a beautiful plate of food that was hot and delicious. The soup stayed warmer longer due to having warmed the bowls and my not-so-great Thanksgiving was made into a delicious meal! I was also able to focus on how much food was going on the plate. (The plate below was about 16 ounces total weight in food, including the gravy. This was way too much. Now for the rest of the week I can keep refining “how much” is plated to determine a meaningful “serving” and then planning the dishes in the future accordingly.)


I am all for serving leftovers either as good as the original night or better. No reason to make them seem sad or forgotten. They should be enjoyed! After all you put a lot of work into making it and although this may seem like a lot of work for the night after Thanksgiving it was actually fun and enjoyable since I had no pressure and everything was already cooked.

I am actually strongly considering, next year, cooking everything in advance and simply reheating, making sauces, and focusing on plating on the actual day…

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