Love It or Hate It, It’s the Eggnog Latte!

It’s December 1st! That means it’s time to engage all the senses in the holidays! What better way to start that with the Eggnog Latte. 

Eggnog is one of those things that your either love or hate. For me it’s love. I think it’s because I can recall my family going over to visit another family we were close with and the mom made eggnog. I can’t recall if we went there every year during the holidays but I do recall it being often. I know I have tried tracking down her recipe over the years and I think there might have even been a time when I was able to get it but between then and now and with all the times I have moved I sadly don’t have her recipe.

Eggnog should be this thick silky rich and spicy blend. Alcohol can be added if you choose but isn’t necessary to enjoy this delicious holiday treat. Once of my favorite ways to enjoy it is as a latte. Now, I must admit I have a bit of an advantage. I worked for Starbucks for a number of years so I got very familiar with all of their beverages and how to make them. If you make your own latte’s at home this is a simple one to make.

Equal parts Eggnog to Milk. For a standard sized latte I do 5 fl ounces each. stir together. Steam the way you normally do for a regular latte.

Here’s the tip: When you steam eggnog it is too thick for it to foam correctly. To make it work it’s “cut” with milk. I wouldn’t recommend straight up eggnog. When you’re steaming it will “scream”, a very high pitched noise. Once you have the steam going at full pressure back your pitcher down the steam wand until the tip is just barely submerged. This is “aerating” this will quiet the “scream” now steam to your desired temperature. One other thing to note is not to do “extra hot” this could curdle the egg.

Then pull your shot or shots of espresso. Pour them into your mug. Then pour in your eggnog. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Enjoy!


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