Soup it UP, Bu-tternut, Just a Squash to Roast it Down…

Butternut Squash Soup, there are PLENTY of recipes out there but this Thanksgiving I did lean a few useful tips. 

1. The recipe I have been using for over a decade has you split the squash in half, scoop out the seeds, put the halves in a roasting pan cut side up with apple and onion quarters, and brushed with a glaze.

This year I have been doing LOTS of butternut squash recipes and realized (after) making the soup that the better way to go would be to peel and dice the squash the same size pieces as the apple and onion. This way you’ll have much more even roasting. When I pulled my pan out of the oven my apples had exploded and the onions were a gooey mess and the squash was not near as soft as I would have liked.

2. The recipe makes WAY too much. I ended up with over 4 quarts of soup! I need more uses for the soup either learning up to Thanksgiving or after.


3. It calls for one apple. You can use whatever you have on hand. We decided that adding additional apple and a pear I had made for an interesting depth of flavor. I also used my turkey stock instead of chicken.

4. When garnishing the soup with chopped pistachio almost mince them. You don’t want a chunky soup after you go through all the work of making it silky smooth.

5. Fried sage leaves are the easies garnish and should go on just about any fall savory dish or soup!


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