Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores,Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day…

Brining Christmas cheer into your home does not need to be difficult. As we let ourselves be enveloped into the season it’s hard to look anywhere and not see the holidays represented somehow. When it comes to decorating our homes we often focus on common rooms, the living room and the dining room. Some may even look to spaces as the kitchen and or the guest bath or powder room. 

However, one thing I have come to realize is that Christmas needs to be spread through out our homes. This can take a bit of extra time and money but just like the rest of my Christmas decorating it’s about starting small and every year adding to it.

One area I knew right away needed some holiday cheer was the master suite. My husband and I went through a long remodeling journey and love the final product. It was a space we were just happy to be in. So why not give it some holiday decor too!

Since we have a faux fireplace in our suite I knew this was where I wanted to start with the decor. I wanted to also stay in the color pallet of the room. This can be a fun challenge. It’s also a great way to get to do different styles of holiday decor.

I started with artificial garland. Over the years I have looked for lush nice looking garland and the best stuff I have found was at Costco. They have had 9ft pre-lit garlands for several years now. Each year I pick up 1 or 2 more. I don’t believe you can ever have too much garland!

Then I also purchased shatter-proof ornaments and and wired ribbon that were all greens, and golds from Costco. Screwing hooks into the underside of the mantle gave me something to affix the garland too. Then it was just about decorating it.

Our bedroom has a “London” theme to it since we used to live there and both miss it. So when I discovered my husband had a Grenadier Guard nutcracker I knew it had to go into the bedroom decor. On my mantle I also have maybe my most cherished Christmas present from my parents from years ago. It’s a Whiney the Pooh Box and inside is a note written boy both of my parents “This box is chock full of love & kisses, especially for you. Love Mom & Dad”.

This year I added white poinsettias to our nightstands and to the table next to our reading chair.


Adding holiday cheer to a room can be as easy as a potted poinsettia, a toss pillow, or a throw. I love changing out toss pillow to change the look of a room and with so many holiday themes you can usually find something to match your bedroom decor! The important thing is to start somewhere and to add to it year after year.

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