Welcome, Welcome, Fahoo Ramus, Welcome, Welcome, Dahoo damus…

As we continue the tour of my home the next room I want to share is yet another that can be difficult to decorate for Christmas. This kitchen. With food, crumbs, grease, and counter space at a premium, kitchen pose difficult to bring in some holiday cheer.

As I put up my tree I was thinking about the kitchen. Thinking about the person who spends their time preparing all those wonderful holiday treats should have a little holiday cheer too! This was a major part of my tree placement decision. I wanted to make sure that as I stood at the kitchen island I could see the tree and as much of the holiday cheer as possible.

It turns out that getting the kitchen festive wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. It started simple enough. A poinsettia on the island. Then I remembered I had this beautiful red platter so I placed that under all the vessels holding my utensils.

Then throughout the kitchen and entry I have these great pendants that have broad rings above the light. I had some old garland that was really scrawny so I cut it into 6 pieces and put one above each ring and wrapped with with red ribbon and bows.

For the last bit of holiday cheer I then added a garland over the kitchen window. Since lighting here wasn’t crucial I went with not lit garland, wrapping it with ribbon and decorating it with shatter -proof ornaments.


In the future I my do something with my kitchen towels or pot holders. I may do something on my little feature wall my toaster oven and microwave. There are always ideas all you have to do is start somewhere, document what you did (pictures work well for this) and then add to it each year!

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