Christmas Day, Is In Our Grasp! So Long, As We, Have Hands To Clasp!

If there was one thing I was excited about most this Christmas season it’s my Christmas dinner. So come this way and see the next room on my holiday tour of my house decorated for the season and take a look at my dining room. 

From place settings, to window dressings, to centerpiece dining rooms can be a fun place to make a holiday splash. This year I put most of my Christmas budget to the dining room.

Once I knew I was going to be doing a Traditional Old English Christmas Dinner with a modern twist I wanted to make sure the dining room carried that theme.

First up, the place setting: With doing themed dinner and fancy meals from time to time I wanted to start investing in a better set of silverware and no longer use my every days stuff. I wanted a set that had a full compliment of pieces, not just your standard 5 piece set. It started with wanting a proper butter knife for the bread plate, then it was about the soup spoon, and so on. I finally found a set I liked at Crate and Barrel called Fusion. One of the things I loved about this set was I could buy the pieces I wanted and in the quantity that I wanted and I didn’t have to buy everything right now. I went ahead and bought the dinner fork and the salad fork, I am still not sure if I am going to do any type of winter salad with this dinner but a second fork is rally a good idea. I then got the spreader knowing I was going to be doing a dinner roll. Then I splurged and got the espresso spoon because I want to figure out how to do coffee ofter dinner. I also got the matching steak knives knowing I was doing goose. I got the soup spoon for the soup corse I have planned and I got the tea spoon for the mini trifles  I have planned for the dessert.


Next it was on to the charger. Red seemed the obvious choice but with having a red tablecloth I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Then I found theses silk poinsettia “placemats” at Pier 1 Imports and decided they were be perfect with my decor. I love putting poinsettias everywhere I can tat the holidays. To make the poinsettia placemats pop I opted for table cloth that was more muted and had a pattern to it and thankfully Williams Sonoma still had the same pattern as the napkins I had already purchased last year. Then for the final few touches of the place setting I found some Christmas salad plates that weren’t too modern and had more of a traditional feel to them. I also found some great red and gold poinsettia napkin rings at Pier 1 to complete the setting.

Now that I had the place settings figured out it was time to think about the center piece. In years past I had just added a few silk poinsettias to my every day arrangement. Other years I have used store bought fresh centerpieces. This year I opted to a big silk arrangement that was specifically for Christmas. When it comes to buying silk flowers and what not for centerpieces my go-to place is always Pier 1 Imports. I for the fake pine sprigs and extra large poinsettias there. I did a gold trimmed red poinsettia to coordinate with the napkin rings. I then found artificial berry branches that were a close match to the ones I put in my tree topper and added them. To finish it off I then placed one of my over sized ornaments in front of it (having clusters or vignettes makes a centerpiece look more dynamic).

To finish off the dining room I added garlands over the two windows and trimmed them out in red and gold ribbons, as well as shatter proof ornaments. Now my dining room is ready for a fun feast that I can’t wait to enjoy!


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