Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome Christmas, Bring Your Cheer…

Our holiday tour takes a turn into another and more traditional room of the house. However this room is anything but traditional. It’s the living room. When we bough this house this room was listed as a 4 season porch. Most porches that are inclosed like this are “3 season porches” but this one is open to the house and has the HVAC run to it as well as a well heater. Now after living here for 3 years it’s safe to say it should have been listed as a 3 Season porch as in winter it’s incredibly cold. However with the wall heater, throws, and the dogs we can still enjoy this space. 

When we set out to remodel the main floor of the house one of the biggest questions was here does the living room go? The original layout had it at the front of the house were we now have the dining room. I knew I wanted to make that space part of the kitchen so moving the dining room there gave it a much more natural flow as well as gave the dining room some much needed natural light.

When thinking through the space we had to work with I knew that I didn’t want to have the TV in the “main” living space. I feel as though a TV is a distraction and easy to just loose time in front of or even eat at. (I will admit we eat more dinners here than I care to admit. Still working on that.)

With our large amount of books, enjoyment of reading, and playing games I wanted this space to be more of a “den” feel or even a library… With the vistas out onto our property this room can be quite a space to enjoy and watch the snow fall as you read a good book or relax and watch a movie.

To make this sauce more part of the house I first opened up the wall that had a doorless doorway opening. With having a large beam holing up the second floor that we didn’t know about we had to put in a support post. It still gives this room a much more open feel.

So when it came to decorating it for Christmas I wanted to give it some of the living room touches like stockings and garlands. However with no fireplace I did the next best thing and made the shelving under the TV seem more like a mantle and trimmed it out with lit-garland, ribbons, bows, nutcrackers, and ornaments. Oh, and lets not forget even more poinsettias!

Then it’s a matter of a few more touches like red toss pillows and throws, as well as more nutcrackers and poinsettias throughout the room. One thing to keep in mind is that if you can see from one room to the next how will they play together. They don’t have to have the same decor but they need to compliment each other. This is a room that will have more decor to be added to it over time but one that will be fun to reimagine!


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