Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (Part 1, The Tree)

Are you looking for a gift for a little one in your life? What better gift than a fun picture book about a frog who learns and imagines all the Christmas has to offer! 

A couple years ago I was hired to bring the story of Jet the Frog to life. Working with a wonderfully creative and imaginative client was a real treat. Through the corse of our collaborations we did three books about Jet’s adventures but none more enjoyable for me to draw than the Christmas story.

Not only had I developed new skills and techniques for this book but it was a creative challenge as well. To give this story the rich and over the top festive feel I pulled from every resource I had. It started with me having to decorate the tree. (You can’t have a story about Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree. So I thought about, well if it were my tree what would I do? How would I decorate it? So I started with lighting the tree, then adding the ribbons, bows, and pearl garlands. Then I started thinking about the ornaments. I did my typical clusters for filler but then I wanted to add special ornaments. So I looked to the past books and pulled the blue monster and the “monster” truck and made them into glass ornaments. Then from the second book I picked the sea monster and the seashells.

For the wrapping paper of the presents I made patterns using logos I has designed for the first book.

Then for the track around the base of the tree I made a toy version of the race cars from the first book.


So much love and detail went into this book. So head on over to and get a copy today for a child in your life this Christmas and keep checking back as I share more insights to the design in this book!

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