Fahoo, Fores, Dahoo, Dores, Welcome All Whos, Far and Near

As we walk thought my house you will see an odd room. Well, it’s more of an odd space. Straight in just past the kitchen is this large square space or room, it only has one full wall, on with a door and a hutch, and one that it is partial and leads you into the living room. What makes this space odd is that it’s more of a pass through. You pass through this space to get to the only restroom on this floor. You pass through it to get to the guest room. You Pass through it to go into the living room. 

Originally when we moved in it was the dining room. This proved to be odd as it felt too big for a dining room. It felt too close to the restroom in my opinion and it had no natural light so it always felt a little sad. Definitely not where I want to enjoy my elaborate meals I put together.

Another issue we had was that my husband has a studio grand piano. This is not only of those long beasts that is a grand piano but it’s larger than a baby grand piano. It’s always been an awkward piece of furniture to contend with. The piano has a beautiful story and history for my husband and is beautiful in it’s own right. It’s moved all over the country and even went with us when we moved to England!

Working out what to do with it has always vexed me. My husband is a music major and has a real love for classical music. I wanted a way to show off his interests as much as we are showing off mine with making the kitchen and dining room such a prominent aspect of our house when you walk in. That’s when it hit me! Make this odd space the “music room”! As soon as we moved the piano here it was like it was meant to be. A piece like this should never be pushed in a corner. You would be able to enjoy it from all angles and sides. By putting it centered in the room it has the prominence it should.


That being said and thinking of Christmas decorating there was only one answer as to here my Christmas village should go and that was on the piano. You see this isn’t any village. It’s the Department 56 Dickens Village. Each piece is a collectors item and represents part of Charles Dickens beloved Christmas tale. My goal has been that ever year I buy 1 new piece for the village but some years that hasn’t always happened but in any case it’s off to a great start.


No Dickens village would be complete without it’s two main families, Scrooge and the Cratchits. Department 56 did a great job with these two. First in Scrooges house we see him in his bedroom awakened in the night and the three ghosts dancing around him. Then down at the Cratchits house we see the family inside preparing the feast and Bob and Tim outside looking gleeful.

As we go around town we see warehouses, tea shops, the postoffice, the first station and Scrooges office. There’s still more I would love to add this this town but we’re off to a good start. This year I also found a single strand of house lights that has 6 lights on it. This makes lighting the village much easier.

I then moved my silk topiaries to the back of the piano and lit them with tiny LED lights on a battery pack. To get electricity to the village was an issue. I didn’t want to have extension cords. I like things neat and clean. Since we’re working on remodeling the main floor of our house and we have a full basement below we decided installing floor outlets is the way to go! For the time being we simply have the pilot hole drilled through the floor of where the outlet will go and an extension cord running through it and pulled in to one of the basement outlets. Being able to customize your home for how you want things set up is key to having a unique and beautiful home.

Now my Dickens village can take center stage in our home and from many different rooms you can enjoy it as well as you pass by it all through out the day.


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