Welcome Christmas, Fahoo, Ramus Welcome Christmas, Dahoo, Damus

When thinking of decorating your house for Christmas there is one room that often gets over looked but needs a little love and that’s the guest room. It doesn’t need to be a lot but a few touches to make your guest know you thought about them to make their stay special makes all the difference. 

For our guest room I had to go with the radically different color theme. With a brick wall that has accents of mauve, pink, and grey. As well as the main accent of the room being a light blue adding traditional red and green would just clash too much.

So for this space I simply added a garland to the dresser. I looped it with burgundy and silver ribbon and finished it off with pastel glass ornaments. For the nightstands I took away the silk white roses and add these fun and funk pink poinsettias that were then given a glitter treatment.


I think the best decoration for this room might actually be the view. From the guest room you have fantastic views of our acreage and with the fresh snow it just screams winter wonderland.


For the guest bath it was as simple as swapping out the orchid for another multi colored poinsettia.


These rooms don’t need much but a little goes a long way.


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