Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (Part 2, The Pajamas)

Jet the Frog’s Big Imagination at Christmas (part 1) began giving you a loot at someone the MANY hidden gems in this adorable children’s Christmas picture book. Towards the end of the book there’s a scene with the Jet and Soren sitting in the living room enjoying their favorite Christmas story together. This living room was decorated to give Jet his big Christmas adventure. So decorating it I had to give this a lot of thought.

As elements started harking back to previous books I wanted to do the same thing with Soren’s pajamas. This got me thinking about the previous books and some of the images that could be used.

Having had worked in a department store for years earlier I at one point had managed a children’s clothing department. One of the things I remember vividly was near the holidays all the pajama sets and trying to keep the right pants with the right tops. This gave me an idea of what the pajama set should look like.

Then the idea hit me. What boy doesn’t love his monster trucks! Going back to the first book I looked at the drawings I had for the trucks. There was both the remote control truck in his room and the imaginary monster truck.

This then gave me the idea to make a pajama set as if it was something bought at the gift shop at the monster truck rally. So I started with re-skcetching the truck to look more like a logo and drew a smooshed car underneath it, added some lettering to make the logo and the used colors picked from the illustrated trucks. Then for the pants I made the truck and the car into a pattern and transposed the colors so the background was the lighter color and the print was the darker and finally gave it a bit of texture.

This then completed the look of the pajamas but what little kids night time get up wouldn’t be complete without slippers? For this I thought about when my own nephew was little I had gotten him a pajama set that was teddybears that had matching teddybear slippers. This then gave me the idea to go back to the first book and come up with a “bear” slipper that would be reminiscent of the bear Jet encounters.

I then looked to the teddybear in his room and come up with the final slipper concept to complete the look for Soren ready for bed.

To enjoy all of this and more wonderfully fun adventures of Jet the Frog check out the Picture Books I have illustrated and get them today for great holiday gifts for young children!


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