Aronofsky Creations 2016 Christmas & Chanukah Menu

With just under a week until Christmas it’s time to get all my baking and cooking underway. With all the menu’s assembled, most of the shopping done, and the December birthday’s and travel behind me it’s time to focus on the Christmas and Chanukah Menus of 2016.

Normally I would have liked to have started some of this sooner but with one of our anniversaries at the beginning of December, my husbands birthday in mid December, and traveling to my in-laws for the weekend time was getting away from me but with this menu I feel good about still pulling it all off. The only issue is like with Thanksgiving there are A LOT of new recipes so cross your fingers! This is what I will be working on…

The Holiday Treats:

  • Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies (Sallys Baking Addiction Blog, years ago I worked for Starbucks and along with their well known Cranberry Bliss Bar was an Andy’s Mint Brownie that was amazing but I never saw them after that one year so this is my attempt to recapture that delicious memory.)
  • Chewy Almond Sugar Cookies (, I have a confession. I am not a huge sugar cookie fan. I think often they are dry crumbly and uninteresting. However, this year as I started thinking about what cookies I wanted to do I kept thinking about cookie cutter cookies. If there is ever a time of year when you’re going to use cookie cutters it’s going to be during the holidays. So when I saw this recipe pass through one of my feeds the use of almond and claiming they are chewy gave me enough interest to try them out this year.)
  • Reindeer Sugar Cookies (, titled “Best Cut-out Sugar Cookies”) The idea to turn them into reindeer was something I saw as an advertisement for Target this holiday season.
  • Martha Stewarts Gingerbread Cookies (I am not sure which issue of Martha’s Holiday Cookie Magazine this came from. I know it was around 2000 or 2001 that I started making these. When I went to her website I didn’t see this exact recipe any more. One of the things I love about this recipe is the use of black pepper. It offers a nice counterpoint to all the other flavors going on in this traditional cookie. The Gingerbread also makes great cut out shapes.)
  • Gingerbread Whoopee Pies with Eggnog Filling (Cuisine at Home DEC 2010, With the Sweet Potato Whoopee Pies being such a hit at Thanksgiving there was no way I was letting these little guys get passed up! Can’t wait to see if the eggnog flavor can come through in this fun treat.)

The Chanukah Dinner:

  • Mom’s Cheese Blintzes (These I have been having for as long as I can remember. Two years ago was the first time I had made them. Normally it was something I would only get if I went home for the holidays. On one of my trips to my foils house for the holidays I had my mom show me how to make them. I took lots of pictures and wrote lots of notes. They turned out great! Now, I can carry on the tradition.)
  • Russian Cherry Walnut Latkes (I found this recipe around 2001 and had it tucked away forever. Finally made them two years ago when I made the Blintzes and they were an instant hit! They will definitely be a part of my Chanukah tradition for years to come.)
  • Cherry Apple Sauce (This was the listed accompaniment for the latkes. I want to play around with this recipe some. I feel it can use some more cherries.)
  • Triple Berry Sauce (I always have so much left over from what I make at Thanksgiving  that it has become a staple topping for the cheese blintzes.)

The Victorian Inspired Christmas Dinner:

  • Yorkshire Pudding (Still looking for the recipe I want to use. This is the biggest unknown for this dinner plan.)
  • Sunchoke and Chestnut Soup with Caramelized Chestnuts and Pumpkin Seed Oil (Dandelion & Quince, this just jumped out at me as the perfect accompaniment to our winter flavors.)
  • Christmas Goose with Stuffing (Saveur, NOV. 2011 This recipe encompasses the goose, the stuffing the gravy and the roasted veggies. It’s a bunch of winter flavors from root veggies, brussles sprouts, chestnuts, and more. If all goes well it will be a true show stopper.)
  • Classic Eggnog (So far in the recipes I have tried I have really loved the simplicity of Alton Brown’s recipe.)
  • Plum Pudding Ice Cream (When it comes to ice cream Jennie’s is the place to look and when I saw Plum Pudding I could help but think of The Nutcracker and knew it had to make an appearance this holiday season.)
  • Gingerbread Trifle (Fine Cooking DEC/JAN 2012, it wouldn’t be a victorian feast with out trifle for dessert. This one calls for a point gingerbread cake, ginger tea syrup, a filling that is made with sparkling wine, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream and eggs and then topped with candied ginger. What’s not to love about that!?)

Wish me luck. Posts of all of these dishes to come…

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