Rethinking a Classic Christmas Cookie Cutter…

If you have ever made a Christmas cookie than you must have made a gingerbread man, and if you have made one you have made many. Well, recently I saw something that I just had to try and it’s my go to now for my ultimate Christmas cookie!

So every time this holiday season I logged onto Facebook from my iPhone I got an ad for Target and it had a picture of a cookie that looked like a reindeer and it was made from a simple gingerbread man cookie cutter and it had a Hershey Kiss for a snout.

As soon as I saw this I new I had to try it. I felt like all those “pinterest moms” who can’t help but try the adorable thing they saw. First thing I knew had to change was the snout. The Hersey’s Kiss is the wrong shape. Plus it’s hard solid chocolate. While in the grocery store it hit me! Rolo’s! This then gave me a base to attach the red nose that, in my opinion, is necessary for a good reindeer cookie.

So here’s the idea:

  1. Make a sugar cookie. It can be anything you like really but the cookie base should be something that goes with chocolate and will set up firm.
  2. Cut out using the gingerbread man cookie cutter. Any will do and if you have a few different ones that could be fun too.
  3. After the cookies have fully cooled melt some chocolate. I had about 3 dozen large gingerbread men so it took about 10 ounces of chocolate.
  4. Dip the cookie in the chocolate. OK, well it’s more of a “lay it in the chocolate” technique. I melted my chocolate in a large flat bowl like a pasta bowl. I then laid the cookie face down in the chocolate. (Don’t worry it won’t sink.) I then used an offset spatula to gently pick the cookie up enough to gently hold it on either side. I then used the spatula to spread the chocolate to a thin layer over the bowl of chocolate so the excess would run off into the bowl to be reused. I then laid them on cooling racks to dry.
  5. After unwrapping my Rolo’s I dabbed them in a little of the chocolate and stuck them on to the head, making sure to leave enough room for the eyes.
  6. After the chocolate set I then made a batch of royal icing. (Well, OK, I couldn’t find a recipe I was happy with so I used the information I had and made my own. The first one was too thick so I used it to pipe the pink for the ears. After that I knew what I needed to do to adjust the recipe for the consistency I wanted.)
  7. To make the reindeer you turn the cookie upside down so the head is at the bottom. The arms become the ears and the legs become the antlers.

The rest of it is just like decorating a gingerbread man. You can do whatever you want. I added cinnamon candies for the nose and I found these black orb candies for the eyes. Really it’s about having fun with it.

NEXT YEARS BIG IDEA: So after eating one of these cookies I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and the Rolo was perfect. Having the soft caramel was a nice treat. This got me thinking, “What if the whole cookie was that way?” hmm, wasn’t there a recipe for something called “Millionaire Shortbread”???

Sure enough this is a thing. It’s a cookie with a layer of caramel then covered in chocolate. The ultimate homemade Twix. So now, I am obsessed with the idea of Reindeer Candy Bars to be my ultimate holiday treat!

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