Bowls, Bowls, Bowls!

Can one have too many bowls? I would say no, but then you would know that from peaking in my kitchen because I have four drawers designated to nothing but bowls! Better yet, I still want more bowls. 

I’ll admit I am kind obsessed. When I see a set of bowls I want to buy them. Bowls with lids, bows with handles, bowls with pour spouts, bowls with a round bottom, metal bowls, glass bowls, ceramic bowls, melamine bowls, and nested bowls… I just can’t get enough.

You may be thinking there’s no way you can use that many bowls but the truth is I do use them all. There are some bowls that are great for chilling stuff like ice cream base. There are some bowls that are great for rising bread doughs. There are some that are great for whisking. There are even some that are best for making dog food.

Learning what size, shape, and material will work best for your task can take some doing. It really depends on the size of what your making. Is it a double batch? Is it that you need a lot of room for stirring? Having the right bowl for the job can make all the difference.

Taking whisking for instance. If you ever have to whisk something by hand a bowl with a flat bottom becomes a problem. There are spaces that are just not conducive to getting a balloon whisk into, however if you have a rounded bottom bowl like the All-clad Spherical Mixing Bowls your whisk can get into the entire space evenly. This makes doing something like a salad dressing or mayonnaise a snap. They also work great for making a double boiler as you can just set the bowl over the pot of simmering water and with three sizes you can pick what works best for the task at hand.

When it comes to making breads or anything else that will need to stay in the bowl and you need to be able to cover with plastic wrap I love the ceramic bowls from Williams Sonoma.

However, when it comes to doing something like ice cream base that I need to chill and then pour I love the Pampered Chef’s Classic Batter Bowl. This glass bowl will allow you to get a good cold chill, it comes with a lid, and it has both a pour spout and a handle!

One last note about bowls is that they are essential for stress-free cooking and baking. Look at any professional kitchen and they have every ingredient prepped and ready to cook with. Nobody wants to get caught in the situation of needing to “constantly stir” only to find out “meanwhile, chop”. Having everything ready makes recipes go smoothly and avoids a lot of mistakes because you can focus on the technique of cooking and not be worried about what do I need to get ready next. For this I love nested bowl sets that have at least 7 bowls. My favorite is the 10-piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set from Williams Sonoma. This set gives you enough bowls in enough sizes to prep almost any recipe entirely before cooking.


So no matter what you’re doing in the kitchen, in my opinion, you can NEVER have too many bowls.

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