The Christmas Storage Plan

We’re only a day away from the holidays officially coming to an end. That means it’s time to make the plan and set aside the time to take down all the decorations and get them packed up for next year. 

To start it’s about carving out some time to get it done. Don’t draw this out over too many days although it might take more than one to get it packed up. Thankfully this year Epiphany is tomorrow which means my take down will be this weekend.

Weekends are already quite busy for us so I had to try to carve out some time in the midst of everything. Best part about it being on a weekend means I can wrangle my husband into helping. Since taking everything down jeans safely packing it all up I can get anyone and everyone involved.

Next I had to think about how much new stuff I added to this years decor. Since I will be running errands Saturday morning it’s a great opportunity to pick up any additional storage bins I might need. This also means I might need to think about if I need to clear out more space to store everything.

One thing I noticed in unpacking the decorations and putting them up was that I had to go back and forth through several bins to complete a room and not all of the bins were in the same place. So this year I will make sure everything in a room will go into the same bin making putting it up in the future much easier. I also will able the bins as to which room they go to so when getting everything out next year I can have anyone available help and they will know were to put the bins.

I prefer clear bins much more than boxes when storing anything. This is especially true for Christmas decor. Being able to quickly see into a bin and know what’s in it makes getting everything up a lot easier. I also find that the plastic containers are stronger, stack better, and mice can’t get into them as easily.

Lastly I find making sure you have a spot whether it be in a garage, shed, or basement that is specifically for Christmas decor makes getting it out and putting it away much easier. To do this it mean doing some purging and cleaning in my garage but in the end it keeps everything easy to find, out of the way, and organized.


So, if you haven’t already, and will be taking down your decorations, make sure you make a plan, set aside some time, and get help.

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