Beef, It’s What’s For…Well, Every Meal…

Beef constantly gets a bad rap. Don’t eat too much red meat. Although this can be true for some the truth is that red meat is not the villain we want to make it out to be. It’s how it’s prepared, how it’s served, and how much we eat in a sitting that is the true villain. So rather than passing on this post read on and see some great ways to use cuts you normally walk right by in the grocery store.

Of everything in the meat case the easiest to use is the stew meat. At $3.59 a pound you can make a big meal for a family without breaking the bank. Think chili, slow-cooker goulash, or red-cooked beef… most of these are even better due to it being a one pot dish and a slow cooker to boot. This is also a great meat to buy in bulk, weigh it out into how much a recipe calls for, and then write the name of the recipe on the freezer bag or vacuum bag… I do this all the time. When I go to make goulash all I have to do is grab the bag marked goulash and it’s exactly what I need.


The next option for slow-cooked beef is the brisket. This is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.99 a pound. This is not as lean so I wouldn’t eat it all the time but it’s long slow cooking in the oven and everything being in one pot is another great recipe for a crowd. This is also an easy one to dress up with different sides so if you are using it for a holiday or for the Sabbath you can make it all that much more special.

Going from one of the thickest and fattiest cut to the thinnest and maybe leanest is the skirt steak also coming in at $5.99 a pound. This cut has little marbling but works perfect for things like tacos, nachos, and anything where you want thin strips of steak that are well flavored. I have found they tend to respond very well to marinades and glazes when cooking them.


My latest cut of meat? Boneless Short Ribs, AKA Country Ribs, AKA Chuck Ribs Boneless. These are a bit pricier and go for about $9.49 a pound. This will be for next weeks lunch so check back soon for how these worked in Pastrami Tacos?

If I am going to just do a basic steak I like New York Strips. Buying these in bulk I get them for about $5.99 a pound. This is quick and easy to cook up an all it takes is a good heavy cast iron pan.


So whether it’s tacos for lunch or brisket for dinner beef can be enjoyed throughout the day as long as it’s in moderation. Use great seasonings, interesting sides, and insightful guidance from trusted cookbooks and you too can find new ways to enjoy beef!

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