Tacos: Recipes and Provocations


Do you love Mexican food? Do you suffer, as I do, from not having a drop of Mexican heritage to explain your desire and obsession for this delicious food? Have you ever thought of trying to replicate the flavor and authenticity in your own kitchen but then think somewhere in the heavens that the creator of such an ethnic cuisine would be offended that being a white dude (dudette) you even tried? Welcome to the world of Chef Alex Stupak and his wonderfully delightful cookbook Tacos.

In his cookbook he talk about such a journey. How as a top notch chef who happens to be white and started in pastry ended up in the world of tacos. He tells you about the history of tacos in America and the relationship we have with Mexico. He then takes his time in talking about the tortilla. How first learning to make a corn tortilla is the first building block in this journey. Sure you could buy them but once you see how easy they are to make and how amazing fresh tortillas taste you won’t want to go back.

Then if you’re feeling more adventurous and want to get into flour tortillas and flavored tortillas he walks you through that as well. What I love about this cookbook is that this is not about Tuesday Taco night at home and whipping out something quick and easy. Although I would argue they are quick and easy with a little planning. This is about how to make this delicious street food at home with authentic flavors and with flavors you wouldn’t expect.

When I first cracked this book open I made Skirt Steak Tacos. These were AMAZING! This gave me the confidence to venture onto something totally outside the box, Pastrami Tacos. Then this week I made something a bit more authentic but also not. I made his Cheeseburger Tacos. He gives you everything you’ll res to make great tacos. Recipes for tortillas, salsas, and fillings.

So if you like Mexican food and want to up your game try this cookbook. This doesn’t take a lot of special tools and if you’re creative you can even figure out ways to work around tools like the tortilla press. Just recently my husband and I were visiting some friends that had two small children. Dinner plans got debunked and we jumped in and offered to make the skirt steak tacos. We even made the tortillas. Their kitchen has enough pieces to allow us to throw it all together but for the press we just got a flat of sodas and used it to flatten our corn tortillas. Dinner was saved and even the toddler loved the food.



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